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Immigration - Choose your country!

We make the visa process faster. Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.


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10 years of experience
Visa Immigration

Weve been counselling students for educational Opportun in Foreign countries.

With a community of over 4000+ customers  (and a majority age group being 18 to 29).

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Since 2001 we have
branches all over world

We have been counseling students for educational opportunities in Foreign countries.

We utilize our experience in the Immigration sector to explicitly monitor and assess your current opportunity to explore other countries. We understand the process required to immigrate and employ lawyers who have profound knowledge on the matter.

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ImmiconBD is one of the leading companies supporting applicants for Immigration, Tourist Visa, Medical Tourism and expanding into student visa support. With locations in Bangladesh, Canada and USA, we are well equipped with lawyers who would help you in pursuit of your immigration.